contemporary college students, many are college students, they are active in thinking of exaggeration, strong initiative, for the future of their entrepreneurial time have different ideas, but for the Internet platform business, many students temporarily lost direction and goal! So, today we are simple to discuss:

first, the attention of the Internet platform:

Internet information is updated every moment, college students concerned about the Internet is concerned about their tomorrow, because the Internet is not only the main carrying information, but also the expansion of the channel. Students every day has a lot of spare time, they are how to use the Internet to read the novel time?? Internet TV? Watch movies on the Internet? See the Internet bubble? Playing online games or online friends?? but I said these are most concerned about the Internet of contemporary college students love to do, but how many the students on the Internet is view of innovation and entrepreneurship? They have to use the Internet platform to start business information? Oh, maybe not, could not, may……

second, vertical channel concern:

vertical Internet platform is the development of many network operators in the direction, and the era of the past, and now they do is focus on certain areas of the vertical channel platform, the platform focused on a certain type of information sources, such as Alibaba wholesale platform, they mainly do wholesale channels, so many wholesalers this platform to expand business, like the A5 Adsense nets, they focus on the Internet, can pay more attention to feeling our way across the river of the webmaster in the internet. If students have their own unique business ideas, they will be more concerned about the vertical field of information sources and channel information.

third, industry focus:

take Wuhan, college students may be the main force in Wuhan in the process of development, every year tens of thousands of college students for the development of Wuhan but they really left distinctions won in battle, from business students is not much, why? No money? No one or no? Team? Are not, they have no channel, so in Hubei province the Department of education in 2013 to carry out the Hubei branch of the University Entrepreneurship club activities, more Wuhan youth entrepreneurship training center, the combination of business mentor group in Hubei province to carry out a series of industry university business mentor, guide enterprises Division grassroots activities, enabling students to zero distance and mentors, technicians face to face communication, timely to solve their business confusion.

fourth, school level of attention:

carried out innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Provincial Department of education to support the activities before, the province each college has in the school established a service center for innovation and entrepreneurship, as colleges in the University of economics and law at Hubei University of Economics invited doctoral tutor, Dean of the school of business established Taobao entrepreneurship laboratory, Yangtze University set up a command of the authorized business college, vocational colleges Changjiang Professional College established the responsibility of the president of the Hubei science and Technology Entrepreneurship Lab, Career Academy freshmen in 2013.

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