just the end of the 2007 Internet innovation leader international forum, named the most investment value of the top 100 sites. In this list, classified information website to feibook nets, reputation nets, 58 city as the representative, has become the focus of much attention.

    China by the Ministry of Information Industry Guide forum selection, the evaluation criteria set for "in the concept, technology, models and other aspects of innovative and unique advantages, with high growth potential and the ability of sustainable development". Experts pointed out that as the eternal theme of the Internet, innovation is no longer just a new technology innovation, but also includes the concept of technology, product applications and business model innovation.

    in an interview, PDA CEO Hu Jianqiang enthusiasts said frankly: "the essence of network classification not only in the technology itself, but also in the choice and experience hitherto unknown. "The user is supreme feibook stick, service is king ‘index in technology, service, brand model, continuous innovation, should have been the biggest reason the judges recognized." He was interested in "innovation" the most investment potential understanding: I think the most investment potential seems to be a lot more accurate for the number of Internet users, at this stage of the network is indeed the best opportunity for individual entrepreneurship."

    so is investment principle of all capital. As a senior investment community pointed out that venture capital is often considered the growth and market returns of the project, in other words, its focus lies in the development prospects of investment targets and asset appreciation. In a sense, venture capital is also considered individual entrepreneurs need to consider.

    according to the Internet entrepreneur and the birth of new media observers, blog, community, network and network video network Web2.0 has become the fastest growing and the most potential part of the Internet industry. Classified information website as one of the successful application of Web2.0 model in recent two years, the total market growth rate of more than 100% years of advertising, the industry generally believe that the development of the network information classification is the time, is a should seize the opportunity.

    network information classification is a rising market, classification of information service providers will have great success in the United States such as classified advertising online in just 5 years, beat the traditional media classified ads, a record industry sales of tens of millions of dollars in amazing performance. In China, access to classified information services, time and speed is the most critical factor to determine success or failure. The sooner you cross the lower threshold, the higher the chance of success.

    of course, the most convenient way to success is to find a platform for cooperation. The election of the most investment value of the domestic well-known classification information website, was formed by the venture capital experts and Internet experts Advisory Group optimistic, no doubt >

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