the first computer in the United States since the advent of the world’s network at an alarming rate of development, China’s network is not the least developed. China network development to 2010 to form, under the inevitable outcome of many networks, whether it is Ma Yun’s mom, Robin Li or Baidu, or the network is very hot in the network group purchase. Is the strength of the team.

whether it is now, or the future, or the past, a person’s strength is limited, the team’s strength is infinite, this is the eternal truth.

2008 I accidentally contact Wangzhuan piece, online for the first time to earn money, I could be to more profound memory. Also more memorable. Although the money is on my own for a website to write a few article get meager royalties, but still make me have a sense of trust wangzhuan. Slowly I found, only to write some soft Wen is always inadequate, gradually, I began to learn OFFICE software, PS, FLASH and so on, these to help me in this career or pretty big wangzhuan.

in 2010, when I feel very confused in Wangzhuan Road, met han zi villas I really want to join the team, the team, and then apply to join, this team is to undertake professional production and service soft news release, the portals can be arranged. I am very happy to be able to work together with everyone, even though I am nothing in the team, nothing has been paid, but still quite happy. A team is a popular, also on the Wangzhuan have new hope.

simple analysis of common work team and group purchase network, which is on the unity, by popularity, in a group purchase network, must be popular, must have the support of netizens, network group purchase is so hot because it can bring benefits at a very cheap price for Internet users. In a team, there must be good at leading talent, there must be good at design talent, must have good writing talent, must be good at promotion of talent. Must be good at communicating with customers. Not a single one can be omitted。 And I firmly believe that a person’s strength to bring the integrity of the customer and fast service, rest assured and satisfaction will be much weaker than the team.

like A5 website, relying on popularity, relying on the strength of the people, together for the network a better tomorrow. Portal station freelance editor and editor, QQ:398806849,

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