to tell you a story in the point before, there are many people heard estimates:

once upon a time there was a man who was stupid and wanted to learn kung fu. The last teacher got impatient with him. He called him over and took a stick out of his hand. But think, this disciple is too stupid, if out of shame to do. He sighed, raised the club shouted: "go", will be thrown out the root cause.

the apprentice is also stupid surprisingly, put the teacher threw the stick as a move to teach him a move, and then happily went. Then every day practicing this trick, the hands of the stick from the sticks gradually replaced iron, more and more heavy.

ten years later, suddenly one day, there is a man here to challenge, has defeated the master of all the disciples, and finally the master was defeated.

the last moment, this stupid apprentice up against, and then the foot ring on a stamp, would like to shake the earth trembled and the mountains swayed. Then yell, "go ahead!". Frighten opponents one Leng, followed by the hands of hundreds of pounds of iron from the hands of the rapid. The speed of the master too late to hit the spot can no longer play.

so, everyone looked at the stupid man, and he was so surprised that he couldn’t say a word. How could he be so interested in


I believe we should know the story after the truth: stick with persistent, simple style practice acme is

trick!The following

begin, keep in mind that every word I marked in bold.

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started talking about how to post:

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