Ali mother the last half year dig around, to engage in network alliance of several people Aguirre a QQ group, Ali mother headhunter call directly to the family network and business staff poaching, unfortunately, not many union staff, directly hit the boss talking on the phone, headhunter, you said people can not complain?…… Cited as a joke.

According to Ali

, claimed that the establishment of Ali’s mother, inspired by the success of 4 years ago, Taobao advertising alliance. At the time of is eBay the agreement to ban eBay ads are cast out, Sina portal is eBay eBay basic monopoly, you have to turn in the Taobao alliance of small and medium-sized website advertising. Finally, we see the results, Taobao win, eBay eBay almost exit the Chinese market.

C2C website eBay Taobao who wins, and in fact whether in advertising alliance or portal advertising effect is not large, in the Taobao advertising alliance on the success of several important features: Based on

1, in the Taobao advertising alliance of small and medium-sized webmaster and related people, also happens to be the C2C e-commerce active users, a webmaster usually 5-10 a website, every day up station on the Internet, who also happens to be the key population for C2C e-commerce, advertising is also involved in Shop on, and advertisement to watch the crowd is the most C2C buyers, rather than the owner;

2, highest every year close to 100 million League delivery costs, contributed to the China small Internet site Taobao advertising (cheating) industry, SP alliance and Taobao / eBay alliance and called China Internet two alliance advertising gold master, and money for 2-4 years, led to the emergence of a large number of the corresponding website. Don’t feed the tens of thousands of small sites;

3, gold master has become a rich industry chain network alliance " ", contributed to the union of extraterrestrials; middlemen, business flow, cheating business, Alexa ranking, Google/Baidu optimization for production and operation of cheating in business, selling a series of station station / industrial chain, the chain, advertising effect is unable to quickly reach, with the chain, let invested tens of millions each year in various parts of the chain can be divided into and promote effect. Advertising industry has a very classic words: I have half of the advertising costs are wasted, but the problem is, I do not know what is half of the waste. In the 3 years before and after the " burn; " " in the process, a con within a con " it is a advertising alliance beyond count, by " " " cut; website; cheating, " and false to reached more than 70% of the profits. Of course, the black website for the most authentic, is sleight of hand, 10% for cheating cost, profit rate of 90%;

4, network >

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