now rely on personal Adsense ads on Google, obviously reduce income than in the past two years, so many webmaster to do English station, in order to obtain the high income for new friends, do not English station can imagine in the brain as simple, not simple to Chinese words with Yahoo translation or translation tool under Goole you can, you need to face a lot, Chinese do foreign stations, is the most important linguistic problems, suggest that we do stand after the first to find a foreign friend to see to do the next step. Many of my friends have said, the biggest problem is to do English station domain name and space, it is one-sided, the real problem is the value of English station in foreign countries, only the valuable website they will visit, in their eyes, the access time is money. In this way, the biggest problem is out, how to do to get more foreign friends to visit. (this is our Chinese said traffic problems, some people say do English station with Chinese traffic, I tell you, do you can, but the advertising fee would not be significantly increased, only foreign IP click for advertising costs will be high), through these days of learning, I put my own the experience for everyone to share it, the content is too much, I have summarized the key points:

first: your English station must have accurate production strategy

Design and fabrication of

English station, must comply with the foreign style, cultural habits and use the Internet to search for information, in accordance with their psychology to make love, they meet to talk about the weather, you can make about the weather, don’t cut China a set of things and moved to foreign countries, Chinese QQ asked. Is the age of men and women…… You do not know, foreigners do not like people to inquire about their age.

second: your English stand must be able to compete on the internet. (for corporate and business sites)

your products, countries are likely to be in production, it is possible to win potential customers through the site. Your site must be able to walk in front of the competition, or else, the significance of your site is greatly reduced. Here is for the enterprise website, individual website is to do more for the type of rare abroad, foreigners do not understand Chinese, you do China martial arts, he must not do, so you have less many competitors. A discussion of the English station to make money in the local network advertising community to discuss foreign advertising and foreign union information, exchange English website production and operation experience, to help Chinese webmaster to enter the international online advertising market

third: your English station must be able to be searched by a foreigner on the search engine to

if you stand in the Google, Yahoo, MSN Search less, that is a terrible thing, their own pay and investment…… So, you have to optimize, because SEO for us Chinese: website of Chinese optimization is very difficult, not to mention English optimization. I introduce a stupid method, although it is very stupid to use, to the major search engines to find com>

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