station network December 8th news: today, Taobao Alliance announced that the Taobao alliance business development needs, will be upgraded to CPC advertising system, the original system will be on Friday (December 10th) to stop using the original CPC service entrance will be closed, the new system has entered the testing phase, such as MSN, NetEase, Sina other media have been trying, the effect is good.

after the upgrade of the system, the owners do not have to change the code, Taobao will be based on the quality and type of site traffic, put the corresponding content. Taobao said that the upgrade will not cause too much impact on the owners, the owners only need to pay attention to their own benefits can be. For advertisers, non Taobao dispensers, you can choose our CPT promotion; for Taobao dispensers, in addition to choose CPT promotion, can also choose to train foreign investment business. CPC as the most common and most important online advertising pricing, has been an important component of the Taobao alliance advertising business, the upgrade, the specific content of what changes, to be further understanding.

template example:




template two


template three



MSN launch screenshot


NetEase screenshot


Sina screenshot


Sohu screenshot

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