First of all, I would like to declare

, grassroots webmaster do not imagine the huge income on the list. To give a very simple example, you look at the major web site to see the Taobao crown shop advertising will know the powerful. As far as I know, the 2345 site of the simple inside the page advertising if the monthly 3000. There are other stations in Taobao customers. Those we can not reach these grassroots, there is no money to earn the conversion rate between investment and return.

, I’ll talk about what I did.

first: I analyzed the Taobao we do, a lot of the empire is the use of the program, of course, there is also a success. Earn an objective income. Later, Baidu station so many tens of thousands of stations are only a few pages. Sharp decline in traffic. Of course, a lot of revenue shrink. I do not recommend such a station, you determine the success or failure of Baidu. SEO competition is quite fierce, can be described as white hot.

second: it is to do the long tail keywords, stand alone or be a mass. I see there are many grassroots webmaster to do, the effect is very unstable. Sometimes, sometimes not.

third: is to use his stand to drive their own station to the promotion. For example, I was, I was a local station in Jiangcheng forum then attract people to buy things to their guest station. Make full use of your resources.

finally I chose to do crown book stores to do, when you put the user when you stand to the favorites inside you will succeed. If there are one thousand people to collect your station (note that these 1000 people are very spending power), of course, the premise of your station is simple enough. Give you a good navigation experience. 1000 person can go to a break. I don’t have to teach you. My station is Amoy network, we can look at. Do not need thousands of IP every day, do not need desperately SEO.

as long as you talk to 10 people every day. 100 days later, I think your station is OK. A good development of the last wishes of our grassroots station in the promotion of the Internet can also force Wangzhuan ball. This article by

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