Victor Balasa, a young man from Romania, is only 22 years old, but has been a successful entrepreneur. Create a website, negotiate customers, access to the user, in the process he only invested 500 euros, and ultimately to the successful sale of the site of Euro 50000. To see how he started the business, whether his entrepreneurial experience you also apply?


below Victor Balasa Bowen:

first of all, I don’t think anyone would ever want to ask for advice from people who have no experience. I think I have been familiar with the basic process of business operations, especially for online business. Since I was 20 years old, I was already in the online retail business. Recently, I created a website, there is no early strike partner, 9 months after I successfully sold for 50000 euros. Now, I’m 23 years old, and when I was about to try to innovate at the age of 16.

here, I’m going to talk about what I should do at each stage of my career based on the common advice that I’ve had.

first of all, to start our journey, we need:


believes that for people who have entrepreneurial dreams, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to start early. Richard Branson once said, "let it go, go!" is so simple, now you will see more and more of the juvenile developed some disruptive technologies or create a successful online business story, their age is younger, and this is because they are not afraid of failure. They don’t think too much about the consequences, and that’s what you need in your life.

you need to temporarily get rid of your doubts. That’s exactly what I did when I created the website. During that time, when I started, it was a gamble. It may or may not succeed, but it’s not the point. If I fail, I might lose the 500 euros I started with. In addition, the only thing I lost is precious time, but fortunately, in this period of time, I was doing, and did not waste time.

this goes back to the beginning I mentioned: you don’t need a lot of investment, you can create your first online business.

first, you have to make sure it works.

do not worry to find investors financing. In fact, in the first few months of starting your own business, don’t let other people join you in this venture".

you have to understand that an entrepreneur’s "entrepreneurial journey" is a lonely journey". We are different from ordinary people, we have to bear the pressure in the process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship also need to be able to endure "

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