dear alliance members, Hello everyone!

thank you for union members to our work support, and hereby fashion and PR alliance jointly launched the hierarchical incentive plan.

as the saying goes, women’s business is best to do, we sell cosmetics, covering the most complete cosmetics brands, categories, products are updated every day.

as the saying goes, online shopping is cheap, we – the most flat channels, Hongkong, Taiwan direct purchase, product quality is guaranteed, fake a penalty of ten.

as the saying goes, the most afraid of things to buy things online is not authentic, payment is too much trouble, we send goods to the door, you personally inspection, payment on the spot, and 80% of the city to pay only $4.

so, you can rest assured that what is not, we assume the stage for you, and all you need to do, just a day on your website to publish our ads, according to our experience, 100 of consumers came to our website at least 2 people of more than 150 yuan to buy the product, as long as every day there are 2 consumers through your website shopping, every month you will at least have an income of 1600 yuan, 3 yuan of income consumers every day is 3250, 4 is 5400 yuan of income, money is so easy.

yeah! Fashion cosmetics sales commission incentive plan (in addition to Europe and the United States brand cosmetics)

sales amount percentage


< 8000 15%

8000-13000 18%

13000-18000 20%

> 18000 25%


Alliance under any site within a month to complete a certain amount of sales in accordance with the appropriate proportion of the commission.

note: the above sales amount does not include shipping, and successful purchase behavior, that is to buy the product within 30 days after the return of

behavior does not exist

welcome you to put the webmaster, a lot of revenue!

if you have any questions, please contact our customer service, contact details are as follows:

QQ:301001142? 301001148

Tel: 86-10-51692624

Fax: 86-10-51692625

mailbox: [email protected]

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: http://s.www.a>

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