webmaster Wangzhuan is this idea: the first step, do. The second step, engage in traffic. The third step, looking for advertising. This Wangzhuan ideas, let many webmaster Wangzhuan go very hard, very tired, very confused, and the success rate is relatively low, even less able to earn money, the process is very long. And the income is not high.

if you want to make it easier to earn online advertising fees, but also profiteering. So look below:

First you must be

SEO, SEO technology is not in the scope of this article, this article is mainly about the classic Wangzhuan how to find small areas of market profits.

for example. The word Baidu 5 months before the advertising fee of more than 150 thousand yuan is very easy, you can open their web site, you will find that almost all advertising sites.

Another example:

pharmaceutical investment, ranked in the top Google income is even higher than me.

so the word can be put in front of the pharmaceutical investment, advertising fees are paid millions of dollars a year.

More than

of these are fixed advertising, so do a fixed advertising industry will do profiteering. Many friends may ask, industry profits which have so good ah! In fact, this idea is wrong.

as long as their usual careful observation, profiteering industry is on our side, for example, one of my friends found homes for a profit, he through the SEO optimization, geracomiums keyword Google arranged to the first day, although this keyword can only bring hundreds of IP, but an income of more than 10 thousand above a dozen advertising. See, all.

although the field is very small, but make money, row up, advertisers will find the door.

finally summed up what I said: 1, small areas, big market 2, advertising is the content of the 3, more advertising.

in China, any of a very small area, is a very big market, the smaller the easier the industry leader, easy to make money.

In fact,

industry profits a lot, I have to master a few resources, want to know that I can look at it more net Wangzhuan classic article.

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