network is referred to as Wangzhuan money but for the general public, Wangzhuan only refers to those who click Wangzhuan, comments for the novice like Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, investigation.

then some owners will be set to start when the site Wangzhuan theme, it is a scene of personal contact Wangzhuan for nearly a year, to build their own Wangzhuan station also has more than January, here and share with you the webmaster Wangzhuan money doorways.

1 off the assembly line to make money

is the most popular Wangzhuan click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan click on a monthly income of over a million There are plenty of people who, click Wangzhuan is the biggest characteristic of the group is to earn, we earn, each recommend a website offline, will reward you for the recommended referral 10%-50% income, but these are generally English foreign Wangzhuan station. Whether operation or payment is a little trouble!

2 recommended to guide money

This is not unique to the

Wangzhuan, but a large part of income is Wangzhuan composition, most websites have recommended awards, from 0.1 yuan to 2 yuan, the higher the site every day, do not know how many people joined the ranks of Wangzhuan, they registered in the website at the same time, also brought us income relatively speaking, the most easily the most simple


3 sell ads to make money

this is the most popular forum Wangzhuan way to make money, you just search a Baidu Google Wangzhuan forum in, the more the higher the flow of the forum banner above, this money is good, but those ads to see there is a lot of false information, and extremely affects the appearance, the individual is not love too!

4 advertising alliance to make money

relative to most other sites to make money on advertising alliance, Wangzhuan site alliance income accounts for only a few, or even zero (many webmaster do Wangzhuan, a union) of these sites is not easy to apply for affiliate advertising, two alliance advertising revenue than the advertising alliance Wangzhuan! Go to advertising evaluation look at the evaluation of the network advertising alliance


relative to other types of webmaster zero income, after all Wangzhuan Adsense or more happy, and our site is introduced to make money, even if the flow is few, those who rely on their own to do Wangzhuan January earn four hundred or five hundred or easily.

in foreign countries, due to the development of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan industry is relatively early, relative to the size and appearance of a number of higher as the main income to, but in China, people are still in the initial stage, and the higher the income is not high, the majority of Chinese people are mainly part-time Wangzhuan, only a handful of people the station went on the road full-time.

I hope everyone can have their own land in a way wangzhuan.

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