on Google AdSense in Baidu space that has already been done, but now there are still a lot of people on the Internet to ask this question, okay, I will own experience SHOW, for your reference: to solve the problem, we must first know the root of the problem where the problem is now? Baidu space, shielded the HTML element is not safe, including script this one element, unfortunately, Google AdSense, Ali MM and other mainstream advertising code, using script elements, in other words, when you publish an article to Baidu space, if the article contains script, then. The element (and its contents) will not be a normal operation, in essence, they are converted into Baidu text statement, not executable HTML elements.

know the root of the problem, and then is to solve the problem: script element. Why do we need script? Google AdSense script derived by advertising, that is to say, script plays a role in transportation, it will be responsible for the aim of advertising, transportation, well, if we can obtain direct advertising content, then, also to the script to do, it can throw off this does not, it bypasses the limit to script Baidu space? Well, the solution came out.

The first step of

, made the grass ship: your Script code (such as AdSense ad code) into a blank page, and then save the page, the name can be, for example, named abc.htm. For convenience, I provide my web page for reference: http://s.www.1000172.com/adcens/help.htm

The second step:

, borrow arrows with thatched boats to start your IE, open the established web with it, such as no accident, including web advertising out, oh, please use your mouse click, you can see the advertisement (what is advertising, I do not have to explain it), select the after copying it.

third step arrows: log into your Baidu space, to create a new post… In the content edit box in place, for example, paste below, in your content, the second step of grabbing ads released, complete, submit, OK.

I explain, what is the "arrow"? What is the "grass boat"? Is an arrow, AdSense advertising content, note that I mean content, rather than advertising code, I do not care about the code, I only care about the advertising content, it is what I need, then, what is the advertising if you look at the content? AdSense advertising, you will find that the so-called content is short text (advertisement title, advertising product description) and a HTTP chain.

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