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) 2200 University National Book VIP &

offers exclusive service;

– campus preferential price

230 thousand college teaching materials, 490 thousand kinds of books 2-8 fold


more than 2200 colleges and universities in the country to enjoy the whole network of teachers and students to enjoy the lowest "campus special price"!

on the campus special offer, to learn more about > > > >

– Free Shipping

the user purchase over 50 yuan, the national free shipping

(network express, EMS and other items to the shipping, weight billing channels except)

two) free shipping!

orders payable 50 yuan, shipping costs only $3.5 / single!

(network express, EMS and other items to the shipping, weight billing channels except)

three) Limited delivery value "2008 discount card"


during the event, book orders over 180 yuan, giving 5% off 2008 "discount card" a



1) for the electronic card, unified payment after the event to account, then please pay attention to my China-pub and my coupon (card)".

2) during the event, a member of the ID issued a.

3) after the event, a single order transaction at least 50 yuan, you can use the discount card, the annual limit 5 times.

four) each paragraph China-pub custom teddy bear only 1 yuan new debut!

during the event, purchase over 80 yuan, plus 1 yuan can only get 17CM China-pub custom Teddy bear


only alliance


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