first published thanks to the article "an ordinary railway workers find Taobao shop in after I take the initiative to contact with me, let me know more friends, today I still write about my experience, hope for the novice Wangzhuan some inspiration.

last time, I talked about the establishment of the Taobao store in 2006, and achieved certain results. However, because of the increasing competitiveness of Taobao. Around 2007, according to my observation (although there is no authority), every day in the new Taobao store, there are more than 200 shops on women’s clothing. There are many who have a certain strength of the seller. So for those of us part-time sellers, have a great impact on, to introduce mass, send a single account of the restrictions from the previous limit to 30 (new registered account), so we did not go to the capital of what these publicity to sell it is difficult to rely on this kind of software to advertise.

times, I found that there are a lot of high degree of credit seller, there are many problems of credit. For example, it is a very cheap thing to trade, or the same buyer. Often buy the same type of commodity prices are not high. This reminds me of the brush credit.

so I started to create a QQ group. The use of mass software to send information, although a small amount of daily delivery is estimated to be only about 3000 service rate, but are targeted for targeted customers, so the effect is also very good. A few days there are a lot of Taobao sellers looking for me, let me improve their credit. At that time my price was 0. 5 yuan. And brush quickly. Almost 6 hours or so to the 1 drill. 250 credit, that is to earn a $125.. Gradually more customers than others. I can’t brush it.. Because my work on the railway is still constantly rotating. So I want to set up a brush credit group. Give them commission. Give them 0.3 yuan each. And I will brush the price of credit to 150 yuan a diamond. This will greatly reduce the burden on me.. Only after the class to talk with customers every day, and then sent to the home business. Let them finish in a given time.

I later in the Baidu post bar propaganda.. Bought a paragraph of software, send my brush group information. Up to now, so I’m not doing this.. But every day there are people into my brush group. (although it is not a brush group) can be seen in the growing development of Taobao. Cheating on credit is rampant.

then, I set up a website, Taobao promotion alliance, in fact, the original intention is to want to let the owner of Taobao has a better communication space. Can download promotional tools. Exchange experience, as well as sourcing.. But I do stand too bad.. Not do. Many people brush credit, however, to tell the truth can not say that these people are at fault. Because everyone has developed some of the products. If the buyer does not pay attention to the seller’s credit will not be the case.. EBay

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