first, Swagbucks search to make money

Swagbucks B (referred to as S& fortunately the middle of a hyphen), the search method, with Baidu Google as simple, as long as the search keyword is English or numbers, can random access points, 45 points can be redeemed $5 Amazon vouchers (and of course Swagbucks timely payment (payment within 2 days), of course you can also exchange other things. Some faster than in PTC easier to click on ads. To Chinese the payment for a $5 Amazon electronic coupons, can find those who receive special securities exchange, the price is generally 6 to 1, $5 is 30 yuan, it is convenient to install the search bar, and then each search English, will have a chance of winning, 1buck, at least up to 20bucks. You can search many times every day. In 45, you can apply for $5 Amazon gift certificates exchange.

two, Swagbucks FAQ

1 Swagbucks how to register

: click on the register, American, American input address, with Chinese address do not apply when the need to use the Amazon gift card, gift coupon code is sent by e-mail. American address can be generated with

will send a good message to your mailbox, the inside of the connection can be activated using the.

2.Swagbucks search is limited to


no, can be unlimited search, enter the English and digital, or web site, anything can be, but can not search chinese.

IP problem, if you have the United States agent is best to use the United States IP, I heard that the odds of winning a little more, I do not know is not true, the same can also be IP China, I use Chinese IP still winning!

tips, generally you enter an English search results when the relevant search terms, you can also click on the same can also win.

do not search too fast, or else it will let you see the treaty, ha ha, can hang long time to search, I do not move it many times, for a long time to the point of it, the first time I won a prize, do not know this station is how to set the

, ha ha!

3 get S& B points method:

A. invites others to register

B. on the follow @SwagBucks, on the Facebook plus Swagbucks as a friend, Swagbucks will be on the Twitter >

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