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small loving founder Huang Yutao (TechWeb pictures)

Tao Chi Qi Yanan (special) joint report


and Facebook than hope connects the world social network, perhaps a little loving "the world’s smallest social product, because it is designed for the two individual design products.

"in that" the world’s smallest social product "is a friend joked, handy to write into App Store in pure fun, interesting, but with our service and the concept of the relationship is not, this sentence has not existed for a long time." Small loving founder Huang Yutao said.

in the eyes of Huang Yutao, a small loving is to help achieve three things: to promote communication, enhance mutual understanding, enrich life. In short, is to sell "fun". For example, "to love", "I know the man heard his girlfriend or wife made this request will be wild with joy."

facts verify the idea and direction is still relatively reliable. From Sina micro-blog close client hot, all kinds of couples private application of fast, deliver a common information — experienced a widespread sense of social networking, the Internet hangs a private wind. Because the user widespread privacy requirement — some content not want to share with others, some of the contents of "no" and share with others, some of the contents of "inappropriate" and share with others.

this "private" concept into even small loving product concept. Huang Yutao said, there are some things we do not, are clearly communicated to the user, such as a map, which can let one side cause discomfort function, the user needs again, we will not provide. Although many couples put forward the positioning of the demand, it is in the stage of love and passion, once the quarrel, this feature is likely to allow one of them to start regulation, far outweigh the advantages.


Ian product concept of love is: just listen to the suggestions and needs of users, no longer listen to the experts.

for such a target user is a couple or husband and wife products, some of the same type of love and marriage products are more willing to introduce the elements of emotional analysis in product design. As was in the field of marriage serial entrepreneur Huang Yutao Ian in love and did not join any emotional design analysis.

Huang Yutao said, initially by many expert advice, the result is that the market does not accept such property >

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