Note: This article is for no more energy, no more means of personal webmaster.

recently, looking at a web site are fire up, so also want to plan some sites. Do not to entertain, but in order to make a profit. So what kind of website can be in the shortest possible time to produce benefits is considered a central issue.

first, the industry website

in a certain industry has a certain advantage in the resources of the people, as the industry’s industry website is a very good choice. Although the number of users of such sites can not be compared with large and full web site, but their users are effective customers. I remember there is a "28 theory", with this theory, the industry website user is invalid users, and the 80% is a valid user, rather than the industry site is just the opposite of.

such as Donews is such a typical representative. Of course, if the traditional industry websites, such as Chinese network hardware, China clothing network, network, network Chinese food China chemical, still need more investment, this is a personal webmaster can’t complete. Therefore, we do not prevent selection of other industries, we can put here said the "industry" to expand some, such as you are proficient in "Flash", and with the industry master has a good relationship, then it is not anti planning a Flash related website, only do this, don’t do other as you are; high school Chinese teachers, have very high research on Chinese teaching in senior high school, then do not prevent by teaching the directory to write an industry website, namely do research papers, courseware, lesson plans, learning and teaching links to a page. More specifically, the user opens the site, to see the whole of the high school textbooks directory, such as the user clicks on the first page of text, you can see the text section all the useful information in the open page, it is entirely possible for experienced teachers who.

therefore, the industry site does not prevent the point of positioning a little bit, a little bit, so that it will soon be able to benefit.

two, the most common users of the popular

users are money, there is access to a lot of money to earn advertising fees. But how can we win the user from the hao123 and others on its success in the analysis of "processing" and come.

look at this article, certainly very little use of hao123, basically no one will set it as the default browser page. But you to Internet cafes, non IT user’s computer, will invariably find IE default home page choose hao123, why? I believe we recall the early contact with the Internet, is not to remember a URL and anguish? Now the same, with the rapid development of the network, in the huge user in the non IT group, rookie group of users is very large, they will not go to the memory. Although a lot of good memories, domain name. Research hao123 webmaster some other web site, have such characteristics, example >

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