Baidu news has a lot of profit model can go, but at present, perhaps they feel that the reader is the best way to change advertising model. So, now, we can see the Baidu news channel have been from the beginning of the occasional brand advertising a has been a brand advertising, today is from top to bottom, a total of 7 ad (plus 1 small brand advertising a total of 8).
      Baidu News advertising real debut! So what’s the difference between Baidu’s ads and other portals?
      we carefully analyze:
    a, Baidu news is different from the five major portals (NetEase, Sina, Sohu, TOM, QQ) home page.
      five home page is to be able to pile to the home page to the home page, had wanted to do is how to flow, no matter what the nature of traffic.
      and Baidu is the news home page is simple and clearly divided into several blocks, that is, the classification of the news, which is equivalent to the channel’s news channel.

      what is the secret?

      first of all, Baidu put the readers want to see things together;

      secondly, Baidu through the news block, the reader strictly in the home page of a certain position;

      finally, Baidu news block and simple way to achieve centralized home compromise meet advertisers (advertisers to vanity at present home identity is extremely high), but also in line with the spread of information era needs of readers.
      two, Baidu confirms this truth "snatched from the jaws of death".
      Baidu news search to the machine as the core, rather than the five portal to the core of artificial editing. According to the rules of the political arena, Baidu is not a news page, so Baidu can stick to the range of readers is very narrow! Of course, now pay the "protection fee", can do news. However, if Baidu repeated portal of the old, seems to be fraught with grim possibilities.) That is to say, in addition to the home page advertising, is subordinate news channel.

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