search CEO Liu Jun


CEO Wang Hongyu


to enter the search market entrepreneurial approach is not much. The recent contact with two of them, so the search CEO Liu Jun and CEO Wang Hongyu panguso. Two search engines and between the two CEO, far more than the same.


1 both sides stressed the point of differentiation as a competition.

2 both companies are in the next two years, but did not disclose detailed operational data.

3 to prove their products from the recent focus, rather than income.

4 equity is one of the ways to attract talent.

5 is faced with how to deal with the relationship between the people search.


1 search focus on the web page. In this way, the author tries to introduce the relationship between people into the search system and improve the quality of the search. The principle is similar to the relationship between the page will be introduced into the search system (ie, PageRank system), making the search quality can be significantly improved in.

In the mobile

Pangu search center. As the Xinhua news agency and China Mobile jointly set up the search engine, the focus in the field of mobile search logical. It is based on the two largest shareholder background, Pangu search "selling points" can include text messages sent to mobile phone, such as news and public opinion from the Xinhua News Agency: search results support.

2 Liu Jun Google. 2010 Google adjusted policy in China, Liu Jun is responsible for the search and research team is also affected by the end of the world, and ultimately chose to leave the business of Liu Jun. Liu Jun is also the Google China turnover list, only take many programmers executives, Google search and founding team has nearly twenty people.

Wang Hongyu China Mobile. Previously served as Minister of China Mobile data. Panguso chairman from the Xinhua news agency, CEO by China Mobile elected.

3 venture for two years, Liu Jun said he learned the most important thing is to find a win-win path. In addition, he also found that the team spirit at Google with completely different: "in a large company, you do things quickly slow down does not matter, now every step is very solid, no retreat".

Wang Hongyu believes that the search from China Mobile to Pangu, her personal style and attitude did not change. "To tell the truth, my instincts are willing to accept the challenge. The key is how to face after the challenge, Wang said.

4 Liu Jun stressed subversion. He hoped that such ideas and practices, to subvert the existing search patterns and patterns.


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