Oh, just want to contact the network friends to see the first pot of gold from the Internet, who can not see, a waste of time to

  since I opened a communication station after the GG alliance, a lot of friends said to me on the QQ website is not easy, there is no other good way. In fact, down to earth to earn more money!

  the users take I say it, he told me that he still make money surfing, occasionally mail money (that mail click inside connection), he said that this is easy, without making web pages.

  just contact the network want to gold friends can pay attention to, do not be confused by those false propaganda, how many days to make you become more powerful than the rich. That’s a lie.

    if you really do not understand, you can do a little simple web page, starting from the static page. Do not underestimate the static page, a lot of people stand on a few pages, but also earn a lot of money. For example, the GG Firefox ads, many of which are a page, but in the search engine ranking is the exam, the estimated income is not low.

    Web site is done, the next step is to find advertising alliance. Advertising alliance is now too many, but also uneven, do not act rashly, or may give others white work. You can look at what other people are doing advertising, such as Baidu search for the best advertising alliance http://s.www.baidu.com/s, wd=%D7%EE%BA%C3%B5%C4%B9%E3%B8%E6%C1%AA%C3%CB, to find out.

of course, the webmaster network www.admin5.com has introduced a lot, you can look for.

    almost forgot, finally, do, should pay attention to regular updates, if all ten days and a half months not update, search engines will slow your traffic is small.

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