sing what to which direction? Founder Chen Hua’s goal, to create millions of "super girl", and then earn fans economy.

released in May 31, 2012 to sing it, the current number of users has more than ten million. Recently, the Tencent micro-blog open forum, sing founder Chen Hua accepted the interview with the Tencent of science and technology, provide their own answer duet community patterns and future business models.

before, sing the Reds Yang Jiao at an Economic Forum on the Internet was named "Chinese Internet voice", now the China Conservatory of Music students have signed a record company, will launch its own album. Sing in the hottest singer Yang Jiao in the overall standings, ranked second, released 138 song, fans number about 420 thousand, received about 820 thousand virtual flowers.

in Chen Hua seems to sing the future is to let more people here to become famous, enjoy the feeling of being sought after by fans. And for the fans, they enjoy the pleasure of making friends and fans.

according to the data provided by Chen Hua, sing users, women occupy most of their age is mainly distributed in about 20 years old, high school students, college students, there are migrant workers, which located in Guangdong most users. In addition to big cities, two or three lines of the city there are many. Although the current growth curve slightly flat, but still maintain a larger amount.

Chen Hua will sing to solve user needs into three aspects: first, a number of users want to sing with emotion and entertainment, this group of users accounted for more than half of the number of users; second, want to sing through the famous, they are a group of enthusiastic users; or enjoy the fun crowd, although fans not much, there are dozens of people to listen to her sing self feel good; the last category, Chen Hua is the most hope to expand the user base, which want to make friends and celebrity, Chen Hua is seen as their grass root users.

in the current development of the singing, the main mining or create content. On the one hand is to let more users feel sing sing in the experience is good enough, they are willing to continue to share their own voice, on the other hand is to let people know to want to be a star, in this platform can be famous.

in order to attract more people to create content, Chen Hua adopted two strategies. The core is still an existing product and function. "The real impact on the size of the user and the business model or the product itself. How to do some subtle features to allow more people to enjoy the feeling of being sought after by fans. These people are not one or two, but to a group. Not hundreds of thousands, but millions."

Chen Hua wants to sing is a flat community, in different towns, different places, can produce a group of fans like the little star. They don’t need to be famous, but in their own small places, they have some fame

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