I was in 2000 by "Fubaba qiongbaba" a Book of the walk from the road of incentive.

03 years in the absence of their own computers, digital cameras in the case of eBay to try online sales. I did not expect the effect of better than their own, but also did not think so hard. Soon became the first large diamond seller ebay. EBay also presented a large diamond (glass). At that time is not what Alipay, all buyers hit shipping. I go to the Internet cafe every morning and evening two times to reply to the customer message and mail on it. At that time I sold the store under the net is a cartoon peripheral products. Shanghai Town God’s Temple purchase and then sold to buyers around the country, many buyers are Shanghai. Most of the time under the net selling price than my net store is still high. The first face to face transactions are also in Shanghai people’s Square, I went to the mall in the mall to get the goods to the square and then sold to a buyer. At that time, I did not even know that the goods that are also in Shanghai, Town God’s Temple into the goods, until one day in Town God’s Temple to see the guy in the stock to know. At that time, a month can have about one thousand and five hundred of net income.

at the end of 04, I began to do wholesale online. Because I met a foreign trade clothing store owner, eats on single items, so we took some online sales in the NetEase established a photo album, to put up pictures of goods. To a few clothing wholesale website post can. A month online wholesale net profit is the best Qiqianduoyi point.

second in the spring of the good times don’t last long, foreign trade on a single women won’t arrive, because the Japanese found in many parts of the country have their poop and documentary brand clothing sales, increased supervision of the poop, later heard that the factory is transfer to go to Vietnam, where production costs more low. Sweat again!


06 years because of a child, but also opened a clothing store, the energy of the 2 people can not attend. Coupled with the online price war after the acquisition by eBay as one falls, another rises, business has plummeted, the online business gradually discouraged, decided to focus first on the development of the store on the right, so for 2 years, just missed the Taobao network development in 2 years. Although in December last year began to re open the stove, now in Taobao’s 2 stores are also mixed into the double drill. But the feeling is still down a lot. After the start of the store business, found a lot of things are not the same. Price war is in full swing. Almost no market gaps. Marketing is also with the eachnet.com and taobao.com shrunk at 05 years.

at this time do not know what time has a collection of Wang Tong’s address in my favorites, feel after reading SEO (search engine optimization) technology has good prospects qiantu. Slowly contact some Wangzhuan data. Only to find out that people who listen to what they say online advertising on the Internet to make money really have such a thing. Ha ha

at that time every month Wang Tong SEO> online training class

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