is a good computer programmer is very close to the psychological characteristics of Yuasiboge syndrome characteristics. (TechWeb with


several years ago, William Whit’s best-selling book "organisation man" in his proposed a point of view, he believes the president of the company is too fond of those "all rounder", so many companies have to "enemy" and the point of genius. Today, this bias is reflected in the opposite aspects. The software company wantonly unsocial recruit geeks, hedge funds are equally eager to inhalation of weird to try their best to accommodate Hollywood quants, creative talent politicians are prompted by a sudden impulse to break the rules, expect entrepreneurs to create jobs. Different from the school playground, the market is very kind to these alternatives.

recruiters have noticed that a good computer programmer is very close to the psychological characteristics of Yuasiboge syndrome characteristics: in narrow subjects have an obsessive interest, love, law and digital machines, fascinated by repetitive work, it will turn a deaf ear to social signals. People in Silicon Valley have joked that the Internet was invented by people on the autism spectrum. On the Internet, you can get in touch with others without having to face the pain.

"connection" magazine called it "the geek syndrome". An early investor Peter Til Facebook in an "New York guest" visit about the establishment of the past ten years Internet Co said: "these companies are the owner of a certain degree of autism." Facebook, a former employee of Huang Yishan wrote a mention of the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, "a bit of autism.", because he was not enough for you to provide much positive feedback or affirmation, let you know he is listening to you." Craig classified advertising network founder Craig Newmark said that when he first heard the Asperger syndrome symptoms, he felt that these symptoms are familiar with "let him feel uncomfortable".

in the financial sector, similar features are also very common. Now the quants have replaced the traditional social elite. Michael Lewis’s book "the big short" the hero of Michael berry character. The hedge fund manager wrote a stock market blog as a pastime during medical school. His blog attracted the attention of a large number of asset managers, and finally he gave up as a doctor, he opened the company. Later, he found that the mortgage market problems, so the next bet on the real estate market will be broken down the market, earned a pot full bowl overflow. Lewis in an interview with national public radio interview, said: "in the (financial) crisis, the only thing I can trust is the people with Asperger’s syndrome, wearing a false eyes."

entrepreneurs also show some striking features of psychological quirks. Keith business school Julie Rogin surveyed a group of entrepreneurs, found that 35% of them said that they had difficulty reading and writing "

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