The pure Internet Project

, is not combined with the entity, but a pure Wangzhuan site. The profit model is recommended by a number of investigations, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan recruiting or through the sale of advertising to get some benefits.

by analyzing the history of pure web site project can be seen:

1, do most of the project owners, with SEO knowledge. Because of this kind of project if you do not use SEO directional flow, it is difficult to get traffic with other methods, and this kind of project due to profiteering project, must rely on the traffic to make a little money Many a little make a mickle.

2, early to do this kind of project owners, get a larger income. Its revenue is no less than other types of websites. In a few years ago, free Wangzhuan abroad especially just unfolding, BUX station is also good reputation, emerge in an endless stream, so many owners earn awfully. But in the 09 years after the closure of the site, BUX cycle, liar Wangzhuan click declining station emerge in an endless stream. By 2010, more stringent restrictions on line, the king on behalf of NeoBux station near death, has been declared a complete failure to click wangzhuan. In the click Wangzhuan drive, other free Wangzhuan also does not have what development, free Wangzhuan gains more and more low, a direct impact on the site and the main revenue and enthusiasm to make friends. Make a lot of friends gradually withdraw from the Wangzhuan circle.

3, fierce competition, many owners have gradually withdraw. Do SEO know, online money class keywords competition is particularly intense, because the industry is too small, too many people do. Plus many are SEO masters, we compete with each other, the result is very tragic nature. And 09 years of Baidu a series of incredible changes, so that many owners by surprise, some of the site is very good overnight suddenly fell right, and a long time to recover. Entered in 2010, Baidu is relatively more stable, but because of the sudden increase in the number of people involved in such projects, and are SEO experts, making the competition unprecedented. In this context, it is necessary to spend a lot of time, energy, financial resources to maintain the site rankings, the cost is very high, and the lack of revenue due to the lack of good projects have not improved.

through the above analysis, you can do the following predictions for pure network projects:

1, the traditional promotion methods, such as beauty QQ, hair QQ group, the forum will gradually disappear, because the effect is getting worse, approximately equal to zero. SEO will become the mainstream after the promotion methods.

2, the site will be more and more intense rankings, relying on the traditional daily article and exchange links can not stand out. On the one hand, to increase the number of original articles and improve quality, on the other hand, to find ways to increase the quality of the chain, to the A5 submission is one of the most effective way.

3, website profit model will change, is no longer a wide range of sites to promote the click and survey sites, but more with Taobao, SEO, advertising alliance. Web Hosting

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