network with the reality, to see who the flicker of high skill, who can earn money, according to my contact network to make money a few years time, three people mentioned below is the most I know can flicker, this is purely personal point of view.

first is Wang Tong.

training course "SEO"

do not mention him now do SEO training classes, it is understood that the network is a flicker novice. I have some training courses outside he behavior to prove why he fooled everyone? Some soft Wen took him to write! Because he is dedicated to do SEO, so many aspects of SEO soft, do not know you read Wang Tong’s text: "there is no such feeling of truth who will say, to the real thing." For example: to learn SEO to think of the simple point of SEO, SEO need to adhere to, learn SEO to sum up, to practice, Wang Tong’s article is basically conceptual, more of the nature of the article AD. The trick is to fool you into his training class. Enter after the training and then talk you the novice, took out a prepared materials such as: the influence for the ranking of several factors and is not conducive to several ranking factors and so on. Free to send a market price of 1200 yuan e-books, and now many SEO believe that the Bible is optimized. Many are AD books,

is heavily rack the brains!

second understand. Representative work "earn 500 yuan a day"

Earn 500 yuan a day called

, the most important way is to rely on beauty to attract the flow of money and other means of cheating. To understand the power of beauty is great. Ha-ha。 It is easy to see the network to make money very conceited attitude, he did not seem to do that, he has put forward some creative network, the other is to understand most do not have their own practice that can be operational, he just put the good way to make money on others, is to take us white mice.

do not know the name of the third representatives of friends earn net

his way to make money is to talk with you as his line, the collapse of the company before the massive publicity quickly pulled a large downline to pay, then changing to a new company to continue to pull, the poor is offline. Just get a few minutes, a few hair return. He summed up the line: "the credibility of this home for a long time reliable, safe operation" slogan. I want to say is to pull off the assembly line, if you can make money, his uncle uncle how are farming two.

estimated that I published this article, may bring these three networks to make money to master several IP traffic, it seems that I was fooled by them. Wei Fan is quoted as saying: "my goodness! It is impossible to guard against!"


if there is anything wrong with it. More than three are engaged in the field of Wangzhuan is not the same. They are also leaders. But not too much worship for novices. For their own is the best.

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