Lv Meiren Dang and a men’s clothing store in the Taobao business, after a period of time, yesterday I was on the QQ with Lu to discuss time and cost issues, I weaklyweakly said: "although I feel free to have shop, but had to return to the people stuck to it, the light time cost can not be calculated," Lu view overwhelming off the reel of paper are as follows:

"if it is the store and shop, time cost is the same, need to invest a lot of time; sourcing and selection is the same. The difference is the particularity of marketing and shop. The particularity of the shop I personally think that things are not very complex operation, after a period of time, the difference can be ignored. But began to think that the cost of the shop will be much cheaper, and now it seems that there must be some prerequisites:

1, to a certain stage, the investment will not be less than the store, maybe even greater. The entity store cost than shop, rent and other expenses, such as decoration, rarely designated health expenditure tax, such as what the electricity equipment; – Computer – if the computer service, will increase a lot, if used, is money; network costs, office needs, and the price difference is nothing more than a facade. But the store in addition to renovation costs. But the shop continued promotion expenses, or not after the.

2, if it is to a certain amount, the advantages of the shop was fully revealed. Shop can be replaced or upgraded into a large company behavior, can become a large retail, or retail and wholesale, or retail wholesale and agency, or even design and processing and production, and even their own brand. This shop can rely on the development of the entity store; certainly not; so my personal experience after 2 months that a good place for business in the shop is not absolute, died. Only adhere to a critical point, in order to highlight the advantages of the shop, otherwise there is no meaning. I now intend to spend about 1000 per month through train fare, almost half of the small shops rent. But the store business volume I first started not so insist that online shopping is definitely better than the entity. Or sub projects and operational practices, capital operation, etc.. The shop late limitless purchases, although the entity store can offer, but the cost and management cost can not be ignored."……

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