earlier I and a few friends in taobao.com and pat online to do a survey, the survey found: 70% of the network is still in the period of confusion, or a period of wandering. The result of the survey of a number of network operators there, want to make money on the Internet, not the pursuit of profit maximization and cost minimization, are blindly follow the trend to do some hot hot field, do not know what time can really make money.

this year I went to Beijing for 08 years on the edge of stationmaster Congress, a friend said: in fact, let me deep and experience in China want to rely on the Internet to feed yourself too easy, but we have to concentrate on the station, so really rely on the Internet to feed their few. The China network generally also such a strange phenomenon, I imitate the friend’s words can be summarized: in fact China want to rely on the Internet to feed yourself too easy, but we have time to do agents, so really rely on the Internet to feed their few.

I didn’t lie, in fact, such as Taobao, pat and other large shopping sites, real big suppliers also estimated a few, their agent too much, so that they do not have district propaganda can easily feed themselves. And those who have been the agent of the network, perhaps because of the convenient delivery, always seems to not want to give up the agent plan. But the business must make money, the supplier price is so much, can not afford the cost and to earn more money can only start from the price, the price is so high. The price is high and can not sell, how to do? False commodity information has emerged, such as when the original machine cottage machine to sell, imitation goods when genuine selling, and so on in Taobao pat common.

I often think, Chinese e-businessmen what time to wake up and jump out the circle agent to find a piece of a broader sky. Taobao and pat on the market has been disrupted, is not to earn money, and have no people can easily A new force suddenly rises. Or, to survive in the Taobao and earn money to get better, it must not be simple. Because now Taobao pat, has not been able to rely solely on services to win customers, but also price.

China e-businessmen lack of mutual exchanges between the lack of healthy competition for everyone just to make money and didn’t want me to invest 100 dollars a day and time can earn back 5 dollars, it’s worth. I think, if we can give to provide a platform for the exchange, whether the market will improve Chinese network. China’s Internet market can not return to the shape of healthy competition, as well as the price war does not live. When is worth looking forward to.

I lost, I think not so much because I do research on Chinese e-commerce, but because I want to earn money to feed their own internet.

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