Abstract the fall, after IPO, jumei.com has not been attacked, but founder and CEO Chen Ou has become a target for all. In the early years of a business process in Singapore, is portrayed as the two version, "black" and "holding", a time Public opinions are divergent.

we will show the following two different Chen ou, who understand the taste of the letter is true.

we will show the following two different Chen ou, who understand the taste of the letter is true.


jumei.com: I speak for myself the truth

C son

I do not know what time from the beginning, the network began to pop "model youth" story, popular and fancy way, "I C for their endorsement of the son", is one of the leaders. Since the listing of JMYP, as a listed company CEO C childe more proud, more talk about a variety of entrepreneurial experience flaunt their success. But looking at the network, the circle of friends we never share and forward, I really feel a little ridiculous: as a high-profile publicity personality, there is no right or wrong, but as a matter of fact, everyone was fooled. As an insider, I come with you to expose propose those wonderful entrepreneurial experience about C son said what happened. I don’t think everyone is so busy, but I believe a rule: do things, first person.

and C childe produce intersection, can be said to be the reason for the work, I do VC, perhaps good luck, in the past 11 years have done some good case, of course, this is not the focus of this article. C childe found me when he was ready to start, the middle face is relatively large, so we will chat together. After the meeting, the son sat down the first sentence is I am not the first time a successful business". Well, give me a head start. There is no denying that he is very eloquent, very articulate, and he did a good job, so I am really interested in his project. But I think this guy talk too, you know, if investors only listen to entrepreneurs Balabala story on the pocket, the bank is juehu. So I went to C’s background, especially those things he says, do some research, the results of this investigation, contrary to expectation story out.

C son and I said the entrepreneurial success, it means that the current Singapore Garena. The company’s information is very easy to find, which launched in 2010 when competing through (Garena+), at that time is the most popular in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao network game instant messaging and social networking platform, with millions of active users, can be said to be one of the giants of the Internet and the whole East Asia singapore. A company’s so powerful is C son founded ah, so look, this guy is really not easy. Then I through friends, contact the current Garena CEO Forrest, he is Chinese, but Chinese surnamed Li, a chat with him up.

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