madman! With IP less than 500 of the station earned $100 thousand a year!

(real webmaster story)

first of all, it’s a real story. The story will be divided into two parts and we say, because in more than a year I almost made nearly $300 thousand from the internet. The first part, I give you talk about IP less than 500 of the station a year is how to earn 100 thousand yuan! Perhaps most people do not believe how can one day IP not even 500 of the site a year earn 100 thousand yuan (net income). I can say that most of the IP1 million, or even 50 thousand IP may not be able to do my income. So how do I do that?

short, start from a domain name I bought about. In 2004, when listening to people say do SP (mobile phone customized ringing tone can earn money). So I want to rely on their own network experience for many years, do a stand try. And a website is placed on the SP advertising webmaster friends know about everything they do is the SP alliance, the method is very simple as long as the background after registration, take a piece of code on your station can. When someone through their own web site registered SP services (such as mobile phone ringtone download what) webmaster can be from the SP where money. Since to do, began to make arrangements for. The first is to find a suitable domain name, this really took some time, because the good domain name is very difficult to find. I saw someone selling a domain name on the Internet ( he was asking for 3000 yuan, I feel very strange, how can this domain to such a high price! Later, through his contact to get rid of, this is a big SP service provider Chinese domain name. He was previously registered, he also told me that the reason why the price of selling 3000 because the domain name can be bought to make money. The reason is that a lot of people who download SP services, will enter the station to customize the service, he used the domain name to do the SP alliance, a lot of people will come in every day to register. Then I bought the domain name, there are two reasons: first, although he was not propaganda so difficult to buy back, but every day is to have a few registered. Second, maybe one day I think Caiku might take my domain name back so that I can earn at least.

since then, I started my SP career. So why the average daily IP less than 500 of the station can bring me so much income? To tell the truth to buy a domain name gave me great inspiration. Later, I registered and acquired some other domain names. In order to explain to everyone, to name a few examples. Such as ,, etc.. Explain the meaning of these names, please see NetEase SMS channel domain or TOM MMS channel see? These huge flow frequency > MMS Gateway

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