as the saying goes: everything is difficult at the beginning. Entrepreneurship is the hardest of all, and entrepreneurship is difficult, IT entrepreneurship is more difficult. Faced with the huge food chain IT market, there are a lot of difficulties and difficulties. Business is very good, but the business must be rebuffed. In the face of the wall in the process of IT, entrepreneurs should actively adjust their mentality. So where do you put yourself?

in the difficult journey IT entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs should keep the heart wide, as the saying goes, the width of the heart is a blessing, but on the road to entrepreneurship, the heart is not just a blessing, but also a force. An invisible, but it can help you succeed in the strength of the following companies to help push network to share some experience and views.

IT venture hard

ten years ago, even sharpened into IT business, that is an opportunity. But in recent years, with the IT product prices continue to fall, all kinds of sales profit year after year. IT industry is becoming more and more difficult to do, but also more and more difficult to do. The current IT industry sales, is no longer with a salesperson can fix the talk rapidly. The popularity of the development of the network today, what can be searched, not just Taobao price transparency, the search for product knowledge. The tools and techniques that may be sold are exposed. It seems to be a joke, but also a sad.

but for now still in the IT industry entrepreneurs, this is indeed a challenge. Working in the IT industry for a long time, it will not feel so difficult. But really start the business, in order to find, really difficult. The most direct performance due to the threshold of the IT industry is not high, but also led to a large competitive situation. People in a steady stream of money, but you can only maintain the basic expenditure, how to break through, repeatedly into the dilemma, probably IT entrepreneurs often have to face the situation.

mentality is very important

entrepreneurs, especially the pressure of IT entrepreneurs, mentality is very important. A good state of mind will not lead to a bad outbreak, a good attitude to allow entrepreneurs down to earth. The Internet is not blocked the road ahead of you stop sign, the Internet is not a permanent residence to make you sad. The Internet is full of opportunities, but the need to keep the entrepreneurial mentality, unremittingly pursue. Especially in the face of the Internet is not a breakthrough, there is no lack of fresh business model of new funds into the time, in such a period of adjustment, to hold the position of the people to become the final winner.

therefore, in the face of repeated difficulties, as IT entrepreneurs you can adjust the mentality, is the most important!

heart wide width

has a story about a young man who has a very good life, but every day. The Zen master asked him to put a spoonful of salt in the cup. This will let him master spoon of salt into the river, the young man said: do not say a spoon, ten spoon of salt, not salty! Jackson said.

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