why do we need to free the first video ad!!

this week I found my first video revenue is getting less and less. And the site of the PV is also reduced to the first video found the following notice!

free advertising on the League


Webmaster: from April 6th onwards, SONY midnight forum Intel core 2 of the three ads for free advertising, no billing!

specific ad free end time will be notified to you!

all advertising data to the union background prevail!


release time: 2007-04-09

imagine. Why do we play these ads for their free. If the advertising did not pay. The first video advertising. These should be the end of the first video but did not do so. But with a free way. So we webmaster PV more useless. Advertising revenue a day less than a day but, first, the video is received two side money. Earned the two. Don’t know the webmaster how to think.. we should appeal to the first stop of this free video advertising itself… The first video advertising page we have certain effect… So we also want to help them free advertising.. well.. justice save

~ ~!

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