Q: what is the starting point for the fiction League?

answer: the starting point of the novel alliance system, is relying on the country’s largest original novel website starting point of the brand appeal of the novel network, with an open platform for cooperation between the majority of the site. Join the starting point of the new alliance, the site can not only significantly enhance their website traffic and ALEXA rankings, but also through the most simple form of their own traffic into cash income!

: what conditions do I need to be able to apply to join the start of fiction alliance?

answer: you need to have a domain name of their own, of course, it is best to have their own personal website – for the content of the site you have full control. And this site can not be illegal content, the name, description and content should be consistent. You need to have a certain website operation knowledge – know how to as far as possible into the flow of income. What else does not need! It’s so simple! Of course, you also have a bank account to receive remittances can be!

: is it necessary to apply for entry to the original fiction League?

answer: to join the starting point of the novel alliance, need to be audited, the audit can be carried out before the relevant operation. If the starting point found violations, the right to terminate its alliance.

question: how many days does it take to audit


answer: we will review completed in 1 working days after the audit is completed, there will be confirmation letters sent to your mailbox, please check.

: how should I resolve the domain name after registration?

answer: you are successful in the beginning of the novel alliance registered domain name, will receive our confirmation letter, you can refer to the instructions on the letter to operate.

after successful registration, you need to log in to your domain control panel, will cooperate in the form of domain name analytic CNAME records to the given address: union.cmfu.com., we need to pay attention to is to choose CNAME (Bie Ming) to analyze, address back. Don’t forget to write. After the analysis of success, your novel channel officially opened!

at the same time, you have to confirm that you fill in the domain name must be their own private domain name, only the private domain name can be related to the resolution, free domain name can not be used properly.

then, your domain where to buy where the analysis, such as network purchase, then login to your network domain control panel operation. Detailed analysis of the address, analytical approach, please ask your domain name registrar.

asked: how to start the novel alliance is how to settle


: we will be in the middle of the month to settle your monthly commission. Whenever there is an ordinary member registered on your website, the success of the upgrade to become the starting point of the advanced VIP, then you will receive 3 yuan of the

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