network rely on money?

technology? Experience? Resource? Team funding?

if you have not had so little network promotion, or only a good method, how to make money? Many people joined Taobao off camp, Taobao actually guest is the most competitive, while less output of a way to make money, except Taobao off the master of course, not in the scope of discussion within, also have their own website to sell products of Taobao, those more fire, of sorts, but the results are not ideal, now the team do network are not so good to do, not to mention the rookie


for my personal example, when I was 09 years, it will start to do network soon know very little, even what is space, what is the domain name, do not know how to bind, but that is, I spent three hundred and fifty to find someone to do a website, through a soft Wen Laiersanshi about IP every day, the average daily net profit of about three hundred, which is a IP earn ten dollars, 12 years, only through the Baidu know, the daily average is one hundred or two hundred IP, every day can earn about 2000, is almost a IP $ten, most of the time one day to earn 10 thousand, of course, do now each IP may earn more, I am not the example that I regressed on the network, actually I am still a rookie, but also can get so much traffic and people, I earn is more.

that network to make money in the end what?

I think:

selected products make a lot of money, I wrote that "a small flow of how to make a lot of money cheats" – thinking a lot of people think space hole is the guiding ideology, we hope to see the search.

today on the more practical point, if you do not understand, then it can only mean that you and money is still a long way to go.

Internet grassroots, especially beginners tend to focus on network products, in fact, the Internet after so many years of development, the competition each segments are super intense, few really is no power level or a place to live in, that is simply not to earn money, how to do?

take advantage of your strengths and compete with others

go offline, and traditional enterprises, traditional industries, traditional products to compete, the traditional enterprise Internet promotion, at least in recent years there is still a big market.

network and network rookie don’t go to the line than cattle, and wood louse, rookie than wood louse or have the advantage, at least in the network promotion.

line under the project how to choose

?In fact,

line many industries, you may have such relatives, friends do all kinds of line of business, a few days ago I made a post on the WeChat, there is a line of projects are doing business with a single nouveau riche, one hundred thousand left.

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