October 9th, independent shopping search portal to help buy 5 (b5m.com) announced the completion of $16 million B round of financing, the current round of financing by Kai Ming Investment (ClearVue Partners / CVP) lead investor, oak investment group (Oak Investment Partners) and well-known angel investors with the cast; the Kai Ming investment founder and director of the general manager Mr. Chen Weili will join the board of directors to help buy 5. To help buy 5 founder and CEO Yin Rujie said, B round of financing will be mainly used for shopping search portal to help buy a website development, marketing and sustainable innovation of 5. Coupled with the February 2012 A round of investment led by Oak investment group led by $7 million 100 thousand financing to help buy a total of $23 million 100 thousand to get $5 financing.

Yin Rujie said: to help buy 5 is committed to helping Chinese consumers to solve what to buy and where to buy the problem. With the help of B round of financing, I believe, in the e-commerce market, the development of the world’s largest Chinese fastest, 5 to help buy China online shopping search will become the leading brand, has become the first choice of consumers’ online shopping search website Chinese."

Kai Ming investment is a focus on the consumer sector investment Private Equity Investment Firm. Founder and managing director Mr. Harry Hui and Mr. Chen Weili said: to help buy 5 is an accurate shopping search and data processing platform. With independent, fair user search experience, multi vertical search business in the field, to help buy a 5 chance to become China’s largest online shopping portal."

oak investment group, the main partner of the Internet and new media experts in the field Ifty Ahmed commented: "the rapid development of the 5 to help buy, much like the early KAYAK (the United States leading travel search engine service providers). I believe, to help buy 5 can also create the same outstanding performance in China, become an indispensable online shopping portal for Chinese consumers. I look forward to working with Mr. Chen Weili and 5 to help buy the management team together, will help buy a new level of 5."

Yin Rujie said, 5 to help buy Chinese is the largest independent shopping search portal, officially launched in December 2011, is committed to enhancing Chinese consumer shopping experience, and strive to build e-commerce transparent and efficient aggregation platform, will be hundreds of millions of high-quality goods and consumers connected with thousands of consumers will eventually become connected to the electricity supplier website. Entrance China consumer online shopping. At present, 5 to help buy daily UV nearly 3 million, the average daily PV nearly 50 million (including website, mobile client software, PC/ etc.); and included more than 300 million of product data, including commodity information, user reviews, shopping related articles and so on, data from more than 6 thousand B2C sites, covering goods, group purchase, travel, ticketing, promotion other vertical products; and sohu.com, happy net, YOKA net, OnlyLady fashion woman Chi, Jingdong mall, Amazon.

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