last century in 90s, to be exact, 1994. At that time, a storm blows, then swept through years of reform and opening up gradually with the world full contact, China.

the storm is called "Crazy English", or "Li Yang Crazy English"". Yes, for many people, born in 80s 70, it did not seem a distant memory: when he was only 25 years old Li Yang founded "the long 20 years of education brand Li Yang Crazy English, high school and college students too many to count from that moment that all adults have joined the" the carnival of the 300 million Chinese speak fluent English "at the end of the century, it is from the moment of" Crazy English "it to the fire again also cannot do without" Li Yang "this attribute, it is a fire burning for 16 years.

now, the heat had called from the English had gradually become acute fever people used social ills; learn how to test the two never seems to solve the problem of the English cast Chinese education industry chain is an enormous market; and this business once taught English into business in the staking, day in and day out do not know how Li Yang and Yu Minhong ‘achievements.

is an English Wangzhuan, much younger than the tipping point. Gold on the Internet, initially, of course, only a small number of IT people with the technology of mixed mouth rice trading, then the word in the general Internet users seem to be both distant and sacred. But the real Chinese Internet Wangzhuan era, began in the understand such people, they get the webmaster myth burst naturally or half unconsciously, as speculation technology trading. The market can always find a businessman, and these suitors are doomed to be gradually competition Lek: from universal wanpiao make die, it seems to be a time to wake up.

is a name, all of a sudden Wangzhuan people crazy spread: Jiang Hui. Some people hate the others as a savior, the newcomers 16 years ago and the rush to learn English as a smug, as well as bolted Duolu — which is not the same, he was more than Li Yang young, more crazy.

two men across the two generational legend, to adapt to the world outlook. Separated by 16 years, and see a difficult ending SHOW.

age and fame, from students to work turned teacher

like Li Yang and Jiang Hui, perhaps destined to be people on the crown of the teacher’s title, although they never trained teachers, although they are the same to the teacher was a student.

1986, this year, Jiang Huicai just born.

in this year, Crazy English founder Li Yang admitted to Lanzhou University engineering mechanics.

before that, due to academic performance is not ideal, he was in the third year because of the loss of interest in learning and want to drop out of school, and after entering the University, Li Yang is also a

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