better than the slow fire. The challenge of 90 percent of the adult business world, experienced by the storm is still no sign of public opinion. Poor students, entrepreneurship, investment of 100 million yuan, 90, Ali, personality, these labels intertwined "more than good" become a public topic.

Internet insiders from multiple dimensions of Yu Jiawen were questioned, resume, sensational stories, the company’s products, as well as the business model has been pointed out that "Yu Jiawen boast", more micro-blog marketing experts "Bachu Yu Jiawen pointed out that the old micro-blog" character problem".

Yu Jiawen is experiencing a lot of overnight explosion of red internet entrepreneurs have experienced similar stories. Whether the spotlight Yu Jiawen is how a person? Super curriculum product how? Guangzhou weekend technology limited in how to work? No uncles and aunts to the misunderstanding? I try to, colleagues and friends from his own voice, to restore it all.

90 under the aura of CEO, is still a child

a few days ago a Tencent close to sources, Yu Jiawen to talk about cooperation Tencent, Tencent who more than 5 minutes late, the first sentence is: "you how so Tencent are not punctual!" several talks down to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled cooperation with Tencent, I really good personality, but on the outside the evaluation is not objective ".

I came to the office of the super timetable. Small fresh office environment and other Internet Co do not have much difference. The biggest difference is that the busy staff are mostly neotenous young people. Yu Jiawen is seeing a wave of middle-aged guests, just now I’m in consultation with ALI how to complete 1 hundred million of the dividend target, the yuan". Yu Jiawen take the initiative to tell who’s just see, and laugh at mentioned 100 million yuan is not a cynical vnd, but the yuan, "this is a short-term goal super curriculum".

Yu Jiawen in my circle of friends has been more than a year, little master’s nickname and its temperament is quite consistent. About every 3-5 circle of friends, from the super curriculum home aunt, from friends and pets, has been outspoken, many of which are from the pictures. Yu Jiawen likes animals, dogs and squirrels at home, playing guitar, smoking and drinking, love to travel. Super curriculum has suffered investment dilemma, Yu Jiawen CCTV said in the story of misdiagnosis, in the circle of friends are followed.

see me for a few hours, I can barely sit still. A light a Double Happiness 1906, then go to the drawer and took out a box of potato chips to share with me, in the conversation gap also took Guitar – it is said that this is a high school girlfriend taught his instrument.


is already a celebrity CEO, but still a child, this is the most intuitive feelings. "I was young and proud, I have a personality, said many young people want to say. I was a lot of entrepreneurs reported uneven, can I stay on today

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