Cheng Lingfeng in the traditional media experience for many years, finally announced one day from Beijing, a quiet Forest Park in Dongguan to buy a house, ready to marry a wife, but also engage in a self media. If today, from the media, Feng brother must be worthy of the model, because he set up in advance.

some people like him, some people think he is at the expense of accumulated in the media business, one day will be over, but this is speculation, today APEC young entrepreneurs summit, peak brother foreign up his leave the organization, founded from the media and spiritual life, income change. The following is the peak brother readme:

finishing: Li Yanglin


: look, the moral life morning afternoon meditation, see "Lu Zhen legend"


leave the organization, of course, do not regret it. Wake up in the morning to wake up after the natural run, had to get up in the morning to go to work.

I live in Shenzhen and Dongguan at the junction of a place called the big barrier Forest Park, I can go hiking every day. When I come back, I will read some books. Recently, I have been reading the book of moral classics. Noon and parents eat together, did not have this time. Meditation will afternoon, after 90 minutes, before is at night time to meditate, no time not to play. In the evening, I have dinner with my parents. Sometimes I watch TV, news, weather, or some soap operas with them. I feel like eating and watching TV with them is a kind of companionship.

I just think, before 80% time at work, hope that the remaining 20% of the time to complete some affection, friendship, to life; but now I think 80% of the time in life, only 20% of the time at work, because now I work every day time is three hours, so most of the time to do what I am interested in. In that case, I’ll never regret it.

income: earn 500 thousand

I have two income, an income is invisible to everyone, that is, in the media and the company to do brand consultants, as well as the topic of consultants. Visible income, advertising revenue, up to now 5 months, a total of about a total of about 20 single advertising, a total of about $300 thousand a month. I think this is relatively less than the income of large companies. Host: it’s no problem for you to earn 500 thousand in half a year, and it took me about three hours to get to work.

if you ask this can not continue, I do not know, perhaps the second half of an ad are not. But I can say that, on the basis of meeting certain conditions, it is very sustainable. As from the media, the media advertising is as unalterable principles.

pride: my user quality is much better than the magazine


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