this morning had the honor and Beaming with Joy product manager phone for half an hour, basically want to ask yourself, you are asked to want to know. Here are some of the questions and answers, in the hope of confusion in the webmaster friends have a little help.

is the first to let you know the news is: station, high traffic station, PV station, IP station of high quality, certainly in the Beaming with Joy. These high experts can say that basically did not appear on the forum, so in the forum are some of the worse than my station and better webmaster friends. First of all, you should know that in fact the main site and Beaming with Joy advertising nature is the same, but Beaming with Joy specifically for search8, and the advertiser is the equivalent of today’s Union, I believe many of my friends have done Baidu and Google ads, you talk about, you do it to return, certainly a lot of people say, better than Beaming with Joy,

why? I can help you analyze the reasons, on the Google to do some advertising, price is a few dollars to advertise on Baidu, some price is a few dollars, as long as do have encountered a similar situation. First of all, your site must conform to the Google Advertising can do on certain conditions, the baidu threshold is higher, that is to say, can do these ads website or website quality is certainly the mainstream of clearance, certainly through Google, Baidu that after their selection, some believe for several times friends are not approved. Now we go back to the Beaming with Joy. Beaming with Joy can be said to have applied for a station, you can zero threshold, zero, IP also can. This is the difference.

Do you

GOOGLE BAIDU, you get to the point, there is advertising revenue, (I have tried, but more is considered cheating, will be closed account, why have income, because their station has been recognized, as long as the point of their advertising, advertising will have money, so you have income), and Beaming with Joy is not the same, because he is doing search8, anyone can do, although he and Google properties, but the billing is not the same, not to say that you will have income, is not to say that you had no income. Let me give you an example. The first six S8 is not calculated CPS. If there are ten points of these six, in fact, there is no single transaction, then you certainly do not have income. Because of your poor quality IP. Ali did not make money, you certainly did not earn money. Moreover, Taobao sellers did not say that the money must be promoted through click. But if you have a single transaction, you will have the 10 click, of course, how the money is not clear (but I believe they will have a set of their own calculations). Then you will ask, how much money I have these 10 click, maybe a few cents, I traded this single may have more than a dozen Commission money. So most of my brothers and friends say that they have no money to earn, but reduce the income

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