of the Internet there are two main sources of income, on the one hand is to sell products or services, including membership sales website, website and so on; the other hand is to promote these sales website advertising revenue. There are some income in these links, but ultimately attributed to the first form of advertising, access to income. From this analysis, we can see that all the revenue, the final source is the sale of products or services, but also to re distribution. We can describe this chain, funds from consumers (including corporate consumers) out of pocket, into the sales real or service website, then these funds between different kinds of division and functions of the site distribution.

a lot of industry is clearly able to see the above said the chain, we give a strange example, steal QQ account income. First, money flows into the hands of those who buy QQ numbers. The QQ number is how to obtain it? Trojan makers create a Trojan, and then find a small website to buy traffic, horse, steal QQ number. This is very clear, the sale of small sites to get the income is actually entered the chain of funds to be re allocated.

since this industry is running, can come to a conclusion that a website to earn advertising fees, he is to do only one site to provide sales bring more sales, it can be said that for the final advertising revenue, then you get the money from the back this chain of profit distribution. So the Internet advertising, and even other forms of advertising, the essence is very simple, that is, you have to bring income to businesses, and then part of the money to you. So the premise is to make money to earn more money to businesses.

‘s conclusion is simple, but there is no practical significance, that is not feasible. So we have to start from here, do specific analysis, that is to say how to solve the problem. Internet advertising has several important steps, the premise can be displayed advertising, that is to say you want to control enough traffic; then display, this step will solve the problem of how to display advertising to potential customers, and not unrelated people, this is also an important aspect of Internet advertising than ordinary advertising the traditional advertising, target customers in the choice of delivery is very low, the cost is high; the last is billing, this step determines a lot of content, then do the following specific analysis, this step is more convex superiority shows in Internet advertising, can take a variety of flexible billing methods, such as display, click, sales etc., and many of them can be tracked precisely, traditional media is only one basic billing method is show.

in order to achieve success in the Internet advertising industry to solve the problem of these three links.

the first link to control the flow, there are two ways, one is relying on their own site of the huge traffic, one is the aggregation of numerous network >

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