Hello, I am black hat Sheriff: in the Internet work has been more than 4 years, from the beginning to now can be said to go is very difficult, from the first three months of hard earned 10 knife is able to lead his team to do CPS, CPC, cpa. to achieve the annual income of millions, in here want to engage in foreign Wangzhuan novice some experience and experience, hope for the novice and doing foreign Wangzhuan webmaster some help.

1 executive force is stronger than

do a lot of foreign Wangzhuan money master, is the executive power is strong, master are generally specified in a program, such as lead today I registered 100 alliances, through 2 days after the approval of union does not stop for advertisers, advertising, etc. get ads, I want to do many tasks lead this is the day, master, well planned, of course, I say is one aspect, such as master plan, this month I do 500 automatic blog today and tomorrow to the host application domain, analysis. Two days to write the template. Then began to stop the station, do the collection, the hair chain. What is the master, is the executive power, is planned, these speaking is relatively simple, but for a lot of people do not, some webmaster, do a back had a problem to give up, this attitude is not good, you certainly do not do anything. So do Wangzhuan abroad need to have a strong executive power.


need to be modest, prudent

has recently received some disciples, some disciples thought he would be more, think he is the webmaster, do very well, this idea is wrong, give your heart to press down before you did not make any money, do not think what you will, to believe that Knowledge is infinite., someone outside the person. Hold this attitude, you do not want to do anything, but in the end is what you see is not what the webmaster earned money, because they are modest, seriously do.

3 investment returns

many webmaster, do not know how to return on investment only, I said: the first investment is the investment of time, second: money investment on the investment of time not to say, about the investment of money, here simply said, many novice webmaster, even the space of 1 yuan to buy Taobao money space, pseudo original manual translation in the chain, do not, so do you think you can stand SEO, thinking of making money, but you even do the most basic of these are not willing to invest, how to be a good site.

4 ability to find resources

now this commercial society no one will give you a free service, so you either buy resources, or you have spent your time looking for resources, some owners do English station, English acquisition station, do not want to find, ask others to others, even if you had to do is waste site, you spend money to let people get to you find yourself, or take the time to look for. For example, you do a foreign Union, you now have 10 alliances, you want to do the League of 100

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