recently, live in front of hundreds of employees in an online professional community broke the news, saying the company is downsizing, reaching 50%. Live one hundred is known as the Chinese version of Airbnb, and in April this year, the listing of three new board, is the housing sharing in the field of the first shares, layoffs rumors get a lot of attention immediately.

interface news reporter contacted the first time live hundreds of executives, the latter said layoffs 50% is false news, but admitted that the company is undergoing personnel adjustment, but the scale is not large. Layoffs are mainly for technical positions, hundreds of people want to release more jobs to sales customer service, expanding the two or three line market.

"company products have a technical update, technical staff to recruit more, and now the Internet Co are cut, so there will be some more or less adjustment." Live one hundred employees said.

live semi annual report shows that the number of employees in the first half of the company rose from 191 to 193, little change in the number of personnel. Hundreds of employees said the company currently has more than 180 employees, mainly in Shenzhen and Beijing. Reporters learned through the recruitment website, still living in one hundred people, mainly in the market, sales and customer service positions.

Airbnb in China has a lot of disciples, in addition to live a hundred, there are small short rental, ants (was acquired by the way), etc..

piglets and Airbnb are the same to take the C2C model, individual listings available to individuals, the platform to charge a certain fee, the main domestic market. But one hundred lives is aimed at Chinese outbound travel demand, for families and travel together to provide users with overseas non standard accommodation, is generally the entire house, early and overseas landlord signed the agreement of intent, and then sublet to the intended users, earn the difference.

a live hundreds of staff told reporters, live hundreds of light assets, but different operations, and Airbnb is that they will be in the early stage of the housing for screening, and to Crowdsourcing (can be understood as part-time) form a series of travel related services, such as transfer machine, car rental, housekeeper overseas, bodyguard etc..

According to

live hundreds of semi annual data, the company’s current performance relatively fast growth, the first half revenue reached nearly 50 million, an increase of 8 times, total registered users reached 2 million 420 thousand, a net loss of nearly 50 million yuan, compared with the same period last year narrowed sharply.

at present, once the scene of a hundred lives are facing an economic crisis".

as of June 30th, live hundreds of earnings, the company’s liquidity is only 3 million 450 thousand yuan. At the same time, the cost of living in the first half of the management of more than 28 million yuan, the same cost of sales of more than 22 million over the same period last year, several times. But the company’s current cash flow situation is difficult to maintain the company’s daily management and business development.

"now we accept the new three board regulation, not straight"

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