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to say that today the world only at Apple, gold absorption capacity ranked second in the world in science and technology company, none other than the non Google.

annual income of hundreds of billions of dollars, a news release can be Google in the initial period of shaking heaven and earth, is also missing money desperately, rent a not too big a garage, teeth start.

so, do you know who owns the garage,


she is a just finished MBA, entry Intel, bought a house of the female doctor. In order to repay the loan, she rented the garage friend to Larry · page and Sergei brin; ·.

now, the female doctor has become one of the world’s hundreds of authority of the times, Forbes, the most influential women in the internet". Also, she and Google have the indissoluble bound. Google 97% of the company’s profits are from the hands of her team.

she is known as the "Google God" of Susan · Wojcicki.

is her behind the Google, made an indelible contribution to its commercialization.


to help make a pot of gold

Google during the start-up period, work night often and Susan page and Brin together eating pizza and M& M beans, incidentally, they say "Crazy" Google planning. When the two founders invited her to join Google, Susan didn’t expect much of them.

"Oh, come on, you just have to pay the rent on time."

results, a few months later, Susan suddenly announced to give up Intel high paying jobs to join the Google. The reason for joining Google looks very willful Google server downtime day. The outage, let Susan had to interrupt the day of work, she began to realize that many people will be very dependent on the Google.

"we have a bunch of young people in the garage to toss things, in the future it will be difficult to leave."


have confidence in the future, but when Google can only use "poor and blank" to describe: money would not have said, entrepreneurship, are not a small income; employees also are only technology does not understand the sale of engineers, spend money very quickly.

Susan after joining Google’s life is also quite chaotic, the location of the work in their own garage, while she was holding a big belly, while trying to get a bunch of technology to make money home.

the first step to do is to start the fame of Google. But Google is too poor, can not get a penny, "

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