so that the founder is no longer lonely, every time forward is a love push each other.

entrepreneurs are busy every day,


but good entrepreneurs only need to do three things:

/ /pr

for the change.

Pr, easily overlooked by entrepreneurs.

good wine is also afraid of deep alley era,

how to do a good job of low-cost promotion is an eternal topic entrepreneurs.

here, we most need to thank WeChat.

so that each entrepreneur has its own free promotion channels.

it uses a powerful circle of friends,


60,70,80, let 90 who are crazy brush, turn around


entrepreneurs circle of friends is Level high to say nothing!

investors, entrepreneurs, executives, media

they are so high and powerful.

entrepreneurial dark horse has 20 thousand entrepreneurs community,

if they put together their circle of friends,

what will happen to



cattle turn

a magical founder of the push tool was born,

so that the founder is no longer lonely, every time forward is a love push each other.

this may be China’s first founder mutual push tool!

cattle turn, as a product of shared economy,

is equivalent to the exclusive founder of the promotion of drops taxi".

just need to share their circle of friends to help others forward,

you can publish a promotion of their own,

get cattle on the platform to respond to other entrepreneurs


as the saying goes: people paddle ship,

the harder you push someone,

others will give you the same results.

has a cow turn,

founder has his own

exclusive, free, accurate marketing tools!

to the red packet forwarding, farewell.

mom no longer have to worry about my product push!

entry-level promotion becomes God simple.

friend impression Li ocean, Baidu security.

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