this is one of the most intuitive way, direct search of a word can be found in numerical refers to the word, the greater the value of course will be more difficult, but one thing is worth paying attention, love Shanghai index of this thing is by brush out, when we see the index, select the time best not too short, the best is, choose a long time span, more than one year is preferred, if found before the exponential curve that word is very low and flat, and at a certain point in time after the surge, combined with the actual thinking, it is worth to doubt.

: the first love Shanghai index tool

Shanghai Shanghai DragonThe timeliness of

second: the love Shanghai promotion tool

we all know, a keyword more valuable, more people will grab ranking, certainly the most convenient and effective bidding, bidding more sure that more opponents, naturally more difficult.

is a combination of bidding promotion data, so the inside of the tools are often more precise, now many webmaster in the analysis of key words will help Shanghai love their own tools to make reference.

fourth: analysis of Shanghai love search results data (mainly has three aspects: 1), love Shanghai search results page site number

Shanghai Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index figure

search resultsA After all,

how to use the search engine to determine the key words difficult

The number of search results


third: the number of keyword bidding web

is a former website snapshot snapshot, now after the cancellation can see this page have not updated in a timely manner, if the row in front of many stations often add new content, so the higher degree of competition.

2, keyword search results page

now Shanghai Longfeng optimization community all personnel to make money is two, or is their orders, or go to the company to work, of course, the development of good and bad is the most fundamental thing is to rely on their own ability and dedication, but sometimes, when we go to work or new orders in a field, often the understanding of this industry is still very low, the most direct is difficult to distinguish what important keywords, many people are stuck in the choice of keywords, keyword appears fatal error, or is too difficult to choose the desired but no effect, or is the keyword of little value, ranking did not sit what use. The following is a small game for some small ideas keyword analysis were selected:

search keywords, search.

love Shanghai mainly to see the top two search results page search results page is website of many, also have many love Shanghai related products such as: library, know, pictures, Post Bar and so on, in general, the website home page the higher proportion is often more difficult to optimize.

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