website structure analysis is to observe the structure of the website and your competitors which one is more suitable for the user experience, such as the two column structure and three column type structure, such as the lower structure and sliding structure and so on, all these need the site the user’s point of view to contrast, if the three column is two bar type, then a different structure is feasible.

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm has been more than a month, if your site does not get extra care, you can see a link to your site should be normal, this time we will learn to analyze those high ranking website the chain and the chain, see their links in composition, analysis analysis of these links is how to get in, according to their own needs to look for the same type of links, such as rival chain constitute 3 related website, 7 ordinary Links, then why can’t our website like this.

evaluation of rival trans and the friends of the chain, compared to its own website

to the analysis of the competition, our reference point should be love Shanghai love Shanghai search engine search engine, for the domestic share is relatively high. Enter keywords in the search industry love Shanghai, click on the title to write perfect description, meets your needs website, will himself as an ordinary user, to see whether the content of competitors is what you need; at this time point to open his own website look, do a in contrast, if you are a user, you love a website, if you feel your website in the subjective thinking are not as good as the other sites, you can say the site is an out of the site, change is a pressing matter of the moment.

competition will have a greater progress, the seclusion policy has to adapt to social development, and as a webmaster guidelines, only through data mining methods, the competition strategy is likely to achieve greater development, the author from 10 years into the Internet, until now has been almost 3 years, in these 3 years we have accumulated a lot of methods for the analysis of competitors, to be here to share, hope webmaster friends to support you.

love the search industry, directly into the competition website

competitors not is the analysis of the surface, should also start from the basic information website, and view the information structure of the source code and the site is particularly important, this time as a webmaster should as far as possible the analysis of the source code of standards and norms, lack of self search website source code, can that is more formal and standard in the search engine top site of the website source code, if your website is not very high, then the analysis of the source code is very necessary, or even part of the source code we can directly copy the competitors, use as their own or not possible.

to view the source code and site structure, compared to its own source code and structure

The website structure Keywords Shanghai

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