two, location of fire equipment company

anchor in the navigation times

website localization is "Nanjing fire door", was in the website design to take into account if the reasonable layout of the site keywords to various places, at the bottom of the site navigation is a very good choice, in this position more links to the self anchor keywords, your entire web crawling is disguised in this is I tell the spider website main keywords. Of course, some people may not want to do what the key competition. Yes, but this site just on the line has been ranked; as you believe, you try to know.





web site keywords ranking in Shanghai



we all know no, this site are the same in the bottom navigation with keywords, but the first add a link, no other links.

web site keywords ranking in Shanghai


today again today, today is less; today is not, when will you do! Tomorrow, how many tomorrow; I was born to be tomorrow, everything is wasted. A5 bitter 13 webmasters, and you and the masked. Remember last August, I A5 to cast the first life "from the perspective of the Virgo body on the soft writing skills": 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20120824/454619.shtml . Today, feeling the time flies, the past is really cannot bear to think of the past. Talk a little bit more ha, very Sorry! Pollute your ears. Below I will directly into the life of second virgin block:

site keywords do a link to their

The basic information of the website

website main keywords do a link to anchor itself

, positioning: Nanjing fire door

in navigation

after nearly 1 years of running, once again appear in the A5 network, not to show off yourself, everything is in order to better manage our website. For the website optimization, I want to have a lot of optimization methods and skills about God said. Today I want to say is the site navigation is very important for the optimization of ranking, the effect is caused by no trivial matter, do not believe you try. Photo card:

The basic information of the website



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