2008, in my memory is very profound: the number of Internet users in a year China ranked first in the world, the third party payment application and the Jingdong leading B2C platform, SNS website launched open Api events is not poor, and thus enhance the Internet as the status of mainstream media, has influenced the Chinese 1 billion 400 million people thinking concept and consumption habits at the same time, also let me become one of the Internet industry entrepreneurs.

two times forced entrepreneurial experience

at that time the forum portal or a very substantial cake, not later micro-blog WeChat clean up, among the early Internet, I try to community operations, is also a first march. Even though there is no giant intervention, but when the forum blossom everywhere, if not there will be a "one point behind, thousands of people lost a sense of pressure, when a nap can sighed and woke up, the most brilliant, I founded the community got the same ranking second grades.

second business with the Internet, experienced difficulties and honor and the first time the same. From these two entrepreneurship, I harvest the growth is obvious, in order to better sum up and precipitation, I give my own business ideal temporarily put a holiday, choose to hold the position of director of operations…… Until I met my current partner, Lin Zifeng.

"I treat" at the beginning of the students from a point of pride and some insist on

speaking of Mr. Lin’s experience quite a bit of "Chivalry", as genuine goods at a fair price of Wing Chun fourth generation, early attention to martial arts, around the school hall around. But one should live in martial arts films in style, a turn, the ups and downs of the entrepreneurs in the internet.


to his label is "founder" Chun most perseverance: Crazy had to sell their real estate project start-up capital, although he is not rich but not "generations of households"; as a creative and is the norm, meal at hand are often forgotten him in the middle of the night; inspiration one is in any case will take you up to share…… I often joke that let him become entrepreneurial life can not take care of themselves, "he smiled back to the martial arts is to this heroic!".

the same entrepreneurial passion we will focus attention to the social relationship, think ten times exchange line, an interview as the line, the real social Chinese or to go to the next line to the relationship to settle down. Unremitting perseverance in the end of this project is feasible, open up online and offline social O2O – my treat APP ushered in the newborn.

at this point, one of the few core team, a big plunge into the studio, it officially opened the prelude to our entrepreneurial trip.

a start-up company is most likely to experience the plight of


venture itself is a very magical thing, reflecting the value of their own in the process, bring success inspiring, attracted countless entrepreneurs in droves, but also tend to underestimate its a close call.

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