therefore, love Shanghai love is not only love the most original, it is the kind of original and influential public. The original is a reflection of the scarcity of information, only information is scarce, love Shanghai will feel fresh, those who have been saying something rotten love Shanghai is very repugnant. In ensuring the original basis, further information is the pursuit of public influence.

has a mass influence on the content of it is all love to see and participate in the discussion of the topic, which requires the content to have certain popularity. Celebrities, national affairs, film and television has a public discussion value accords with the demands of the news. These things are always public concern, they derived from news events is very easy to spread. For example, in front of the teacher Li Kaifu cancer that spread is of concern and raise a Babel of criticism of the hot.

, for example, one day the lovelorn, very sad, made a very lyrical log on his personal blog, even if writing is very touching, is pure original, but only the hero circle talent will see, outside the circle of people, simply cannot read, unless you are a celebrity. The content on the Internet every day on the original, but the disaster caused by flooding water, because there is no public value, will not be displayed and search engines. Of course, some of the platform is to use the robots protocol shielding love Shanghai, but is more likely to choose not to grasp the love of Shanghai.


of the amount collected online promotion skills, enough said. Today is not going to talk about it, but would like to say something about the theory of collection.

Shanghai dragon is to keywords ranking, keyword is hosted in the inside of the web page, so if the page is not included in the search engine, everything is impossible. Therefore, included is one of the most important basic. How to improve the web site of the amount collected articles must be overwhelming.

first of all, we need to find out the general habit of search engine, they probably know what love. Many people will say that the search engines love original content, to the extent of the original bloodthirsty desire. In fact, this is a kind of one-sided understanding. The original online content, especially the rise of open social platform more and more after the original content in the Internet is flooded with great scourges like. But most of the information is not to show the love of Shanghai, because they do not have the media attribute, not to the mass of useful information.

for this hot information, we do not think they spread quickly feel saturated, search engines are no longer interested in. On the contrary, the information search engine is more than desire, not just out of focus information after screening and precipitated a lot, no matter how transformation, are in a "fresh hot roll", strong plasticity, the search engine will be like journalists focus at tight >

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