site the number of results and related results: we will often see site results as below:

on the basis of the above statement, we get the relationship between the four review:


from the search principle, first to grab a spider web page URL, then the URL corresponding to the content of the page to download, analysis, have some use to meet its quality standards or "index", the index in the index database. At this time the index in the library "has some users to retrieve the value of some search engines has its value for retrieval, retrieval of value to users is the index", will be the output, which is included in what we say. The only search engine retrieval value "itself may not only have a certain output index without the output number, so we can see a lot of the time included the amount of will was lower than index.

index and the index weight is included: to search all known as set value of the page, these pages have some value to the users, the page output is included in the amount (different people may define different), only some pages of search engine has its own value, the number of pages created index was higher than the amount included in the numerical.

we see a problem, the number is 215, while the site was only about 40, the gap is very large. The cause of the gap period may be caused by many factors, such as some web pages may be repeated calculation, although some web pages are included (retrieval value there is) but the quality is not high (> page


search engine principle books the same, different people may have different levels of understanding, and some of the previous Shanghai dragon theory has been ingrained, but in the current situation of Shanghai dragon is not too practical, such as a collection of problems. In fact, to accurately understand the index, site, included in this relationship, we can starting from the basic principle to consider some problems.


stands in the search terms, the number of pages of a web site is sometimes greater than the number of pages currently owned by the. For example, for example, a station has 100 pages, the user or the webmaster, is 100 pages, but the 100 "may be a data update," the change of multiple operation, different versions may meet different needs (so we can also see a lot of when a page has a different snapshot. ) from this perspective, in the eyes of a number of web search sites can be greater than the number of output "website currently have, especially for the frequent modification of the web site or URL site is not standardized. At the same time, standing in the search engine’s data point of view, the amount of data may be composed of historical data and update data, so the site value is greater than the number of the site results.

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